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Emergency DW Factory visit!

ventura drum lessons

ventura drum lessons

Hey there! Just wanted to share with all of you about a recent unfortunate situation that turned into a very positive experience!
I’m a working drummer so having my gear ready to go all the time is very important to me.
As I was setting up one of my drum kits for a rehearsal, I pulled out my DW9000 bass drum pedal (older design but still under factory warranty) and proceeded to attach the beater rod when I noticed a small crack in the cam casing. Uh oh! As I attempted to tighten the 2 side mounted set screws on the the cam, the casing broke in half!! I was momentarily devastated! My favorite pedal (i do have some back-up pedals like my trusty old Tama Iron Cobra but…) was now rendered completely useless! Thankfully, not only is the DW factory located close to me in Camarillo CA, but over the years I have had the good fortune & pleasure of getting to know many members of the family there!
I put in a call to Rob Dean (Customer Service Mgr) and, knowing how busy he is, and, that he might not have time to call me back, I decided to just take the drive out and see what they might be able to do to help me. Well, before I could even get there, I got a call back from Mark Chavez in customer service! He had already been made aware of my situation and let me know they were ready to take care of me! Within minutes of receiving his message we arrived. Mark came out to meet us, was super friendly & professional and after taking a look at my pedal, explained that DW had seen this problem before and had changed the position if the set screw on the newer cams (and, have a single set screw vs. 2). He then told me they would do their best to get it fixed for me the SAME DAY!! Wow!! I wasn’t expecting that! Not only did they get it fixed within a couple of hours, but, Mark actually called me back the minute it was done to let me know!! Can’t say enough how awesome this was! Thank you Mark! It’s people like you and, a great company like DW that make all the difference for us working drummers!

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